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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I have my boat delivered to where I am staying and/or keep it overnight offsite?

A: Yes. All of our boats, kayaks, canoes, and SUPs can be delivered to you. If renting for more than one day, you can keep the boat at your location and arrange for pick up at the end of your rental.


Q: What time can we depart?

A: Boats can be picked up starting at 8:00 AM.


Q: What time do we need to return to the dock?

A: Our daily rental must be brought back to the dock by 6:00 PM.


Q: How many people can we have on the boat?

A: All of our boats have a coast guard data plate that states the maximum weight and number of people allowed on board. All boats must not exceed these maximum guidelines. We will inform you on what these numbers are to help you pick the appropriate boat.


Q: We made an EXCESSIVE MESS of the boat. Is there an additional charge?

A: Yes...and no. If you want to clean it up yourself, we'll provide buckets, mop and soap at no charge. If we have to clean up your mess, then we will charge a $75 "PIG STY" fee.


Q: How does the fuel charge work?

A: We provide a full tank of gas and check to see how much gas was used when you get back and charge you market value plus $0.50/gallon to cover the oil used.


Q: May I take my dog with me?

A: Yes, however...

  • Pet(s) count toward your total weight allowance

  • Pet(s) MUST have a leash and life jackets are recommended for your animal's safety

  • We DO NOT provide life jackets for animals

  • Owner responsible for ALL damage caused by pet

  • Please remember fresh water and a bowl for Fido!


Q: What do I bring?

A: Depending on what you rent will somewhat determine what to bring, but sunscreen, hat and sunglasses, and a camera are always a good idea. Having a dry bag for your phone, wallet, keys, etc. is also recommended. Remember, conditions on the water can change rapidly so make sure to bring appropriate clothing such as a rain coat and warm dry clothing.


Q: Is a deposit required for boat reservations?

A: We require a 25% non-refundable deposit for all of our equipment. If circumstances arise that you are not able to make your reservation we will credit your payment to another future rental.

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